Altamont Gardens


The jewel in Ireland’s gardening crown.

Ireland has many estates leftover from the days when the landed gentry were the prominent landowners of the time. It is strange that the history and genesis of the estate is not fully known. It is thought to have been the site of a convent, although there seems to be no existing records to back this up. The house that sits there today is thought to be built upon the remains of an earlier dwelling dating from at least the 16th century. The estate became known as Altamont around the late 18th century by a connection with the Marquis of Sligo. (Lord) Altamont was a title conferred then on to the eldest son.

There are remains of a chapel that can still be seen on the Dark Walk, which take the form of a windowed end wall. Strangely, the stained glass herein is believed to date from Victorian times. Fragments of the chapel have been built into sections of the house – beneath the library and above the front bedroom window of the south wing.

The grounds are bisected by yews that slope down to a picturesque lake surrounded by rare treesand shrubs. A walk through the Arboretum, Bog Garden, and Ice Age Glen with its ancient oaks leading to the River Slaney.

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    Looks very serene.. I love places like that

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    i loved the photos!

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