Pinching Pennies has its Perks


Sometimes we can’t always afford the amazing film the world has to offer, or maybe we just need some film quickly before a trip and don’t have the time to order film from Lomography, and there’s nowhere else to get awesome film. What’s a lomographer to do? Head to Walgreens!

Walgreens is a good resource for a lomographer in need of film. Most Walgreens branches carry 35mm film, usually Kodak, and store brand films. When you are short on cash or time, or both, Walgreens film is a pretty good film to use. I usually shoot with my Diana F+ and my Diana Mini, and since I can’t always get the Lomography film I want, I go for Walgreens.

The colors are pretty good representation of the real thing, and often provide a nice grain to the image. As with other films, I prefer lower ISO so I can get great multiple exposures.

Just because you have less than spectacular film, doesn’t mean you can’t get less than spectacular results. You can always spice it up using sprocket holes, Fisheye cameras, night shots and even over exposing the film to get that great vintage feel.

So the next time you are near Walgreens or any other drug store that provides film, give it a shot!

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  1. atlantean7001
    atlantean7001 ·

    In the UK, your local Poundland store is a good source for cheap 35mm film. They stock Kodak ColorPlus, a budget ISO 200 film which gives good all round results. This is the film I've used in my Kodak Retinette.

  2. pzjo
    pzjo ·

    If you get your films developed at jessops (UK) ,for every film you get developed they give you a free 200 ISO 35mm Fujicolour film. So in theory you never need buy a film again! :P

  3. thejunkman
    thejunkman ·

    I picked up a bunch of Kodak and walgreens film in the clearance aisle! Some rolls were as cheap as $2USD. Of the 5 rolls 1 was expired by a few months and the others had atleast a year to go.

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