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Here is a list of our most recommended bloggers in recent memory!

Most of these are in Spanish. But even if you don’t speak the language, the photos are worth the click!

Beware of the legend. If you read this post by ram at midnight with the lights off and strange shapes appear in the mirror, you will never forget them.

Credits: ram

Without reading the comments on this post, try to guess the toxic tricks.

Jules Verne would love this post and would certainly help pedrogalvez to take a picture from the earth to the moon. Does anyone else know who could help a hand?

Credits: pedrogalvez

Carolin pays a nice tribute to her Camera falls in an earthquake in Chile

Credits: carolin

And to close, we recommend you enjoy the project that Drama is doing on his blog, “a friend a day”, which he began presenting in a unique way. zwensen , to 5thdimension and zoezo , and sure we will find more interesting things in this Lomographers blog.

Credits: 5thdimension


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