Elikon 535: The Little Russian Gem


At first glimpse, people may seem this camera as an ordinary point-and-shoot compact camera, same as another. But when you hold it and try to shoot using this awesome camera, you may feel differently about this ’Little Russian Gem’.

Elikon 535 (or in Russian Эликон 535) that been produced by the BeLomo (Belorusskoe Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie) company in Byelorussian SSR (now Belarus) for the Soviet Union’s market circa 1990’s, is a compact and lightweight (~170 gram) camera. This camera that being equipped with multicoated Minar-2 35/3.8 lens is capable to produce clear and sharp image that also can enhance color of your photos.

This camera is come in two different colors; black and/or gray. And all the setting (aperture and focusing zone) for Elikon 535 is set manually.

The focal range for this camera is set using a dial with the icons; portrait (1 meter), group (3 meters) or building/trees (infinity distance). Since this camera is aperture-priority camera, the shutter speed is served according to the aperture selected using a weather icons slider that need to be synchronize with the ISO’s slider at the bottom of the camera.

Although it is the plastic-made camera plastic, it has very good quality built and high durability.

And this compact camera also didn’t use any battery that can help promoting the “Green Campaign; Save Our Earth”, and on other hand, you can use anywhere and anytime because it don’t need any battery!

Other advantage of this camera is the standard hot-shoe that will sync with any basic flash.

In conclusion, the Elikon 535 is definitely a good camera especially for those who love for light-and-easy travel and quick snapshot,

Produced: circa 1990’s
Name: Elikon 535 („Эликон 535 )
Producer: BeLomo
Frame size: 24×36
Lens: Minar-2 3.8/35.
Shutter: estimated by weather symbols
(Courtesy from USSRPhoto)

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  1. mythguy9
    mythguy9 ·

    I just like to have Cyrillic characters on my cameras ;-)

  2. pikc
    pikc ·

    Thank you!

  3. pikc
    pikc ·

    Sorry because I forgot to put my reference link; www.lomography.com/magazine/reviews/2008/08/06/be-lomo-elik…

    Actually, this articles it based on idea from this article. Thank you to the author of this article. May god bless you.

  4. pikc
    pikc ·

    ...this article (not articles)....to the author of that link article (not this article).

  5. cassettetapehero
    cassettetapehero ·

    Just found this camera today at a thrift store out of all places!!! So excited to start shooting with this camera this week!!

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