LomoMatrix São Paulo


The first Saturday of April was a special day for us, Brazilian Lomographers, because of the first LomoMatrix at the Ibirapuera Park.

Unfortunately, it was a perfect day… to stay home. On the scheduled time, we were hit by a storm and the streets started flooding. The doubt of whether the event would happen or not was a constant issue among the participants. “Will the rain stop?” “Is the light enough?” “Will there be enough people?”

The participants arrived little by little but all throughout the day. Then we realized that there were almost 30 brave Lomographers who wouldn’t mind the rain or if the pictures ended up underexposed. While we were looking for a good spot to get started, guess what. The rain came down to a drizzle and then it stopped entirely. Our luck was changing.

As for the details, check out the videos edited by our great friends, Mirela Dias and Ricardo Saraiva. Of course, I also have to thank all my fellow Lomographers who participated and believed that it would work out: Adriano Trenahi, Aline Rodrigues, Andre Velo, Beatriz Sanches, Claudia Pessoa, Fernando Wada, Gustavo Gadini, Iris Silva, Jhover Borin, Jorge Sato, Juliana Cunha, Luiz Fogaça, Marco Guimarães, Mario Rosa, Marsha Grem, Matheus, Patricia Nascimento, Plínio Martins, Rafael Munhoz, Renato Buti, Ricardo Saraiva, Samuel Chiovitti Alexandre, Thiago Dutra, Vivi Lamana and Wagner Moreira.

Lomo on!

written by jorgesato on 2011-06-14 #news #brazil #events #sao-paulo #360 #lomo #lomography #lomomatrix


  1. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Great job, lomo paulistas! Kudos to all of you. Looking forward to seeing the output of the lomomatrix Rio.

  2. samchio
    samchio ·

    é nois again!

  3. marshmallow
    marshmallow ·

    Uhuuul! ;)

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