Leave prejudices behind- Sprocket Rocket


I didn`t trust the camera, but it changed my mind after the first roll of film! Sincerely speaking, I was never very interested in the “Sprocket Rocket”, I only thought it was very pretty. I recall the weeks before its launch, where the clues shown where pictures of its parts.

I imagined a very robust camera, almost like the “Lubitel”. However, after the launch I just saw too much plastic. I read about it, that you need to use 400 ISO film, that it is recommended for exteriors unless you use flash. With those specs I found it to be somewhat limited. When seeing the results it provides, I thought it was really the same as having a “Holga” adapted for 35mm film….. Anyway, I had the chance to order it, I had the piggies and a friend offered me to bring it to Chile, so well… I got it.

I was not wrong with how pretty it looked on the pictures, its design is perfect. But now came the moment of truth, to try it out and see if all my prejudices were real. Disregarding any advice, I loaded it with a Kodak Proimage ISO 100, my favorite film, and with a very sunny day I went out to try out my new toy. The picture counter confused me a little and I assumed I was going to loose a lot of film… and I actually did. Unfortunately, the “Sprocket” is supposed to give you 18 pictures… I got 11. I took fotos with a lot of sun, with flash in interiors, with normal natural light and a couple inside on B-mode. Then the film was over and I headed right away to the lab to develop.

I didn’t have big expectations – thinking the kind of film I used – but it was a great surprise to see that the negatives looked well exposed. The only bad thing was wasting film due to the confusion with the counter. The best thing was to see very good pictures that were made in B-mode.

As a conclusion, now I have a very good image of the “Sprocket”: easy, fun, light weight, easy to carry around and it supports my favorite film!. It gives very nice vignettes and a lot of very nice surprises.

written by iaki on 2011-04-28 #gear #review #camera #iso100 #holes #sprocket #b-mode #user-review #sprocket-rocket

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  1. darlim
    darlim ·

    I am waiting to receive my order for the sprocket rocket :) The pics look good :)

  2. lalalalalalala
    lalalalalalala ·

    Great article! I was nervous about using 100 ISO film with my Sprocket Rocket, but after reading this, I can't wait to take my roll into the lab!

  3. chaotic4life
    chaotic4life ·

    It's my favorite camera, I don't get why people are prejudice about it?

  4. ripperzane
    ripperzane ·

    Using some cheap film (100 ISO 36 EXP) and hoping for a good few days to use up a roll or 2. Lets hope they come out as great (or at least decent) as yours :D

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