From Hate to Love: A turn of 360 º


How I went from looking at her with cold indifference to fall in love with her. A radical 360º turnaround.

“Hate” is perhaps too much, but I confess that although I admired the innovation of this “thing”, the photos of the Lomography Spinner 360º didn’t fully convince me. I didn’t see myself pulling the cord to make those weird photos. Until I shot the first one.

Already at the time of the shot my heart began to open up a gap for this “thing”. I asked a group of guys I met at Plaza de Colón (Madrid) if they could pose in a circle for a campaign for “analog future” (they were armed to the teeth with digital stuff). They accepted, no doubt, with big smiles in their faces when seeing the Spinner 360º, "Thank you very much guys, give me your email, I’ll send you the photo… if it comes out…. " Done. Fun! It’s nice. Hmm…beginning to like this “thing”.

Develop, scan and:

Credits: susielomovitz

LOVE. In its fourth meaning in Oxford English Dictionary: "trans. To have or feel love towards (a person, a thing personified) (for a quality or attribute); to entertain a great affection, fondness, or regard for; to hold dear. Opposed to hate”. That’s what I felt.

Then comes the idea of the prophecies floating among clouds in a park. That picture was perfect for my beloved:

Credits: susielomovitz

Our relationship is consolidated. I think she also feels something for me. So to celebrate our love we are going to Paris… Oh la la… Is there any better place for two lovers?

Credits: susielomovitz

Beautiful sunny days full of light and a roll of Lomography Color Negative 400 — Perfect! Ideal conditions for this super camera that don’t call “thing” anymore. However, I must say that in the other pictures the sun wasn’t shining, it was cloudy or getting dark, but if you hold the cord by returning a bit slower and set the camera in “little cloud”, the Spinner works perfectly.

We are extremely happy. What I like most about her? It has nothing to do with her physical, which is spectacular, its beauty is inside. What won me over was the most important in a relationship, that she makes me laugh … ;).

Credits: susielomovitz

PS: I want to thank alehopgm, who recommended me this great Panorama bundle when I bought my Horizon Perfekt. Thanks to him now I am a happy woman in love :P.

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  1. nural
    nural ·

    I still call my Spinner "Thingy" lol

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Aw, what a sweet relationship!

  3. dnstuff
    dnstuff ·

    I have been wanting to get my hands on a spinner for quite some time now... I think it is about time to give in and pay the store a visit.

  4. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    I adore my spinner :3

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