My Friend Konspiracycouk (by olique)


Hello, please tell to us a little bit about You! And for first – sorry about my english! Are You free, or are you maritas? :) Ok – seriously! I think everybody, which were on your page must be fascinated how great is made. Are you interested in graphic design – how you learned it?

Hello, please tell to us a little bit about You! And for first – sorry about my english! Are You free, or are you maritas? :) Ok – seriously! I think everybody, which were on your page must be fascinated how great is made. Are you interested in graphic design – how you learned it?
A little about me … I’m 32 and live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland as a Graphic Designer. It is mostly websites I design but sometimes do brochures and advertising etc. Clients I work for range from multimillion pound investment companies, large law firms to small businesses – so it’s quite a mix of clients; that keeps the job interesting.

Thanks for the compliment about my page, yeah I was bored with the lomo standard pages and saw that you were able to edit your own page. By putting in some stylesheets and a div overlay you can drastically change these pages. In my current version it’s a flash movie that i’ve got above the usual large images at the top of the page.

I’ve also managed to add a Flickr feed so that the page ALWAYS shows my latest flickr images without having to actually manually update the page myself. I have one of the programmers at work to help me with that part of the code. As for the div overlays etc, if you fancy doing that kind of thing yourself then i’ve got instructions to download on one of my older blogs.
You’ll need a little technical know-how though.

I’ve always been interested in photography from a young age (see below info about my first camera). I did photography as a support subject at Art College and fell in love with the more experimental side of photography rather than following the rules. When digital cameras came along about 10 I got myself one, it was a huge Kodak brick!, not very good for taking out with me, so i ended up taking a camera out with me less and less and kind of fell out of love with photography.

Last year though I discovered the LC-A and Holga and fell in love with photgraphy all over again. The thing that is magical about these cameras is the unexpected results that you will get from their individual characteristics.

How did You get to Lomo? Your lomostory!
My first lomo was just over a year ago. I stumbled across the Lomography site and fell in love with the style of photos that were taken with the likes of the Holga and LC-A etc.
So I got myself an LC-A and a Holga :).
I’ve also got a Smena Symbol and a Fisheye 2 now. The Fisheye 2 was bought with piggypoints i’d earned :)

What was Your first camera? Did You remeber the first shot?
My first camera was an Olympus XA2 that i got as a christmas present sometime in the early 1980’s. My dad is a keen photographer (and graphic designer too) so he picked well when it came to getting me that camera for my christmas. The XA2 is often talked about as being very similar to the LC-A.

I read in Your page You use only LCA, Holga and Smena. Why?
I haven’t really used the Smena that much. The Holga is a great camera but unfortunately it’s expensive to get film and get it developed so I really just stick to the LC-A all the time and use the Holga for special occasions.
My dad now only shoots digital so he gave me a large bag of 35mm film for nothing – so i’ve been working my way through that. I get my films developed and scanned at Jessops (uk camera store), and when you get a film developed there you get a free one in return. Its a great deal and it means you’ll always have film.

I know about Your experiments with cameras – or better: improvements to cameras… For example the self-timer for Your Holga and dont forget „plusplus“ LCA. Can You tell something more about it??? And about the others.
When You making Your experimentation, happened something which You didnt know before – something surprisingly, but good – funny?

Haha, yeah the self timer for the Holga was a lot of fun. I wanted to take some self portraits with my holga but wanted to have the camera further away than my arms-length. I got the Holga and put my Lomo Ringflash onto it. The back of the Ringflash has a sensor that acts as a trigger – so when it senses another flash going off, it will trigger the Ringflash to go off too. I switched off ALL the lights in the room and jammed open the shutter of my holga. Placed my mobile phone just behind the sensor on the Ringflash and set the camera timer on my phone. So when it counted down to zero the flash would go off, triggering the ringflash thus illuminating the room and capturing me on the film.
Surprisingly, it worked really well. A neat little trick.

The other modification I have done was to turn my LC-A into a LC-A+ by getting my hands on a LC-A+ faceplate. The reason I did this was that I wanted to get the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens.
That was a pretty easy modification and well worth doing. The LC-A is a great camera itself, but since I got the Wide Angle Lens I have never taken it off the camera. I’m still shooting with my LC-A and Holga but i’ve also started shooting with digital again, but using the shooting methods i’d been using with my lomo’s. This has completely changed the outcome of these digital photos rather than being ‘perfect shots’ they are just shot from the hip. I dont use the LCD screen on the back for framing photos, i just point-and-shoot!

The digital camera I got is a Ricoh GX100. I got it because the Ricoh GRD and GX range are famous for having compression on the images that is more like “filmgrain” rather than “smearing pixels”. These cameras also allow for aftermarket lenses, which is great for such a compact camera. The size, shape and feel of the camera is actuallt very similar to the LC-A. I use my LC-A Wide Angle Lens a LOT with this camera.

I think it was last Year, when You put out Your THE LITTLE-BIG INTERACTIVE LOMO BOOK. How did You come to mind that idea?Did You make some other?
Yeah the little-big interactive book was a book made with submissions from other lomo members. Unfortunately I don’t have it on my page anymore. Maybe i’ll look it out and put it on my page for this interview going live. I do have an older interactive book on my page though that is just my photos.
I also have done one called “An Empty Edinburgh” which you can see at
It is a study of architecture in the city of Edinburgh. When I get time to scan in the photos ar High Resolution then I plan to launch this as an actual book and sell it online. All the photos in this book were taken with my LC-A or Holga.

I read also You are doing music production. Can we listen it somewhere? How did You get to it?
I’ve always been into music, i’ve been in various indie bands when I was younger. Upon hearing DJ Shadow’s “Endtroducing” album I started making my own music. The stuff used to be very heavily inspired by DJ Shadow – very chilled trip-hop beats. Lately though a lot of the music i’ve been doing is electro, very early 1990’s kind of sounding stuff. Using old synths and drum machine sounds to give it that older sound. I’m currently finishing off an album of recent work that will be available soon
is the holding page for the album. once complete there will be an mp3 player with all the tunes embedded on the page.

So what is going on in Edinburgh? I never been there! I’m jealous its by the sea! I love ports!
Edinburgh is an awesome city to live in. It’s so full of culture and there are always tourists wandering around looking in awe at a city that everyone that lives here almost takes for granted. I like to go out with my camera and get lost, go to parts i’ve never been to before and take photos so i’m almost like a tourist but in my own city! Edinburgh is busy throughout the year, its a great place to be at Christmas and Hogmanay for the street party and fireworks.

The best time to come is in August when the Fringe festival is on. There are comedy shows on all round the city, gigs everywhere, some of the parks are turned into big beergardens and the bars are open until 2-3am and the nightclubs are open until about 5-6am.
It’s a very cosmopolitan city – it isnt like any other city in Scotland, maybe even the whole of the UK.

If you haven’t been to Edinburgh then you really should try to make the effort to come. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. A real old city with a rich history, lots of culture and most importantly – lots of green space. Edinburgh isn’t actually THAT close to the sea. The city centre is about a 10-15 minute drive to the harbour or beach. There are some really beautiful beaches just half an hours drive down the east coast.

And how is Lochness??:)
Haha, Lochness is large and cold :P
I’ve been up there a few times, still never seen the monster.

On what are You working now? On new book? Or on some accessories to camera?Some new project?

At the moment, as I mentioned, i’m working on finishing off the Space Travel Made Easy album, all the spare time I have is being thrown into that.
I did go out taking some photos last weekend. Shamefully it’s the first time in ages i have done so. It was good to get out and get some fresh air and snap-away. I currently have unfinished films in all my cameras – maybe I should get my ass into gear and get them finished and developed!

I’ve also got another project on the go, it’s a website i’m building with a friend. It’s going to be an online business. At the moment it is top secret so I can’t say anything – I havent even told any of my closest friends what its about! lol.

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    ...and hats off for the gallery!

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    Great interview for a great inventive lomographer! And what a gallery!! I love the wide angle shots but the b&w ones are very impressive too! Congrats konspiracycouk!! :)) And olique too for this interview ;))

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    great interview, man! Are you free or are you maritas?

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    great interview.. fantastic gallery as well! :)))

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    the gallery is really cool like your online- book!
    good q&a!

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    congrats to you both! amazing interview! good luck onspiracy to the new experiments and "lomosurgery", yeah!

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    the most informative interview of all times!
    loads of extremely interesting stuff in there.
    love it! you guys set a new standard for the following interviews. congrats.

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    Great Stuff! I love reading these interviews... and beautiful shots too!

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    cool! very interesting :)

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    thanks so much! I was trying.
    Im happy!:)

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    Thanks everyone for the comments and compliments.
    Thanks to Olique for wanting to interview me and putting together some good questions.

    Seeing as this is a relay-style interview feature, it's now time for me to interview someone.
    I'm going to keep the boy > girl > boy > girl pattern going and the person i'm going to be interviewing is GolfPunkGirl.

    P.S I am free not maritas


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