Instax Error

Sometimes a few single pictures get stuck in the Diana Instant Back. The last one or two films of the cassette just don’t want to come out. But there’s no need to fall into despair. Even if the pictures get overexposed while taking the film out manually, you can still do some nice things with them.

Take the Instax, put it backside up on a solid base and roll over it with a thick round think like a big sharpie or a strong glass. This will spread the chemicals from the lower margin on the whole film.
Next take something hard but not too spiky like the back of a pen or even your fingernail ad start scribbling on the backside. You can also write something on the picture, just keep in mind it has to be mirror-inverted if you want it to be readable on the finished photo. Pushing and scratching will oust the developer and create a unique work of art on the frontside.

You can also simply unsteadily spread the developer with your fingers from the thick lower frame. Bending and manhandling your photo will create some interesting patterns on the fly.

Sometimes also this characteristic sort of blossoms will appear in the corners of self rolled out Instax pictures.

written by a_kep on 2011-06-11 #gear #tutorials #film #lab-rat #tipster #development #film-processing #instax-instant-back-diana
translated by fakingsleep

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