Scanning with negatives sleeve


How to scan negatives without the digitaliza. Just put them in a negative sleeve and scan away! You can also scan up to 3 Spinners at once!

While shooting tons of film, you need to get your negatives organized .

I use the 3,- euro negative sleeves from V&D in The Netherlands. Whilst organizing I wondered if the scanner would accept the negative whilst still in the sleeve.
And yes, it did!

There a a couple of workarounds to get acceptable results.
- Put all the negatives in a straight line by hand.
- Make sure the part of the sleeve you are scanning is within the areas your scanner uses for the standard negative-holder that came with the scanner. You need to remove the standard bracket, but the scanner won’t scan wider than that area.

Depending on the sleeve you use the output will vary. The ones from V&D have some sort of relief in them. when i scan them with side a up it’s fine, but when i scan them with side b up it comes out sort of blurry-photoshop-like… Which can also be used as an effect if you’d like.

Feel free to experiment around with different sleeves, and why not throw in some colored sheets underneath :-)

Another fun thin about scanning with sleeves, is that if you align them correct, you can scan 3 Spinner negatives at onces! Depening on the type of scanner you use. I’m using the Epson Perfection V700.

Happy scanning!

written by sjaaknout on 2011-04-19 #gear #tutorials #scanning #tipster #quickie-tipster #scanning-sprockets-v700-case-sheet-sleeve-digitaliza-spinner


  1. haziqhashim
    haziqhashim ·

    nice one. so u just let the scanner lid open during the scanning process?

  2. sjaaknout
    sjaaknout ·

    I made the tipsterphotos with the lid open, to show wich area the scanner uses for negatives :-) Depending on the scanner ofcourse, but i won't use your full glassplate for negative-scanning. But please close the lid while scanning, and don't turn on the lights while developing your negatives in the DoKa either ;-)

  3. peach880
    peach880 ·

    when did you bought those sleeves?

  4. sjaaknout
    sjaaknout ·

    At the V&D in The Kalvertoren, Amsterdam. Only 3,- euro for five sleeves. Real photoshop charge you around twenty euro! So look around and dont pay more than 5,- for five sleeves

  5. amybreaksloose
    amybreaksloose ·

    At wich store in V&D did u bought those sleeves, i can't find them..

  6. sjaaknout
    sjaaknout ·

    Kalverstraat, in the KALVERTOREN. There's a small V&D on the first floor, connected to the DIXONS. Just bought some there today, they refilled their stock :-)

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