LomoAmigo Dominik Asbach Discovers the Endlessness

Reports, publications, portrait and people photography – it is a long list that proves Dominik Asbach’s versatility and talent . The freelance photographer, who already has worked for NEON, ZEITmagazin and 11FREUNDE has been a huge fan of the LC-A for years. For us he dove into the world of panorama with the Lomography Sprocket Rocket.

NAME: Dominik Asbach
CITY: Metropole Ruhr
COUNTRY: Deutschland

First of all, please tell our community a bit about you.
I studied photography from 1996 to 2002 at the technical college of Dortmund and I am working as a photographer since 2000. My main customers are magazines, my working main focuses are portraits and reportage.

How long have you been a lomographer? Or are you a newbie?
I bought my first Lomo LC-A in spring 1995 and took tons of pictures. At that time “serious” photographers smiled at Lomography and that is exactly what charmed me. Until 1998, I took Lomo pictures quite regularly.

How did you get into photography and what do you like about Lomography?
I made my A-levels in 1992 and had to think about what professional direction I would like to take. Since I started photographing at the same time it was pretty clear to me that I wanted to become a photographer. At the time I read FAZmagazine every Friday morning enthusiastically, so I knew I want to become a magazine photographer. About the Sprocket Rocket I like this analogue original feeling. I complete my jobs 95 % digitally and Lomography is a really nice balance to me.

What was the strangest, funniest or absolute greatest photographic / lomographic meeting you’ve ever had?
I did a portrait series for 11FREUNDE with people going away to see games of their favorite soccer team. I photographed them once before the departure and once after their arrival, both at the same place. One of the protagonists was Tillemann, a fan of Borussia Mönchengladbach. In the morning he departed at 6 o’clock by train in the direction of Kaiserslautern and just for the outward journey he planned to drink two sixpacks of beer. In Kaiserslautern he went to the stadium but he didn’t really see the game because he was hanging around at the beer tent the whole time. He was back again at 12 pm and was totally drunk (he does that every weekend). I told him I would have the next appointment at 4 am with some fans of Bochum and he answered: “What you do is not normal!”

One of your professional focus is portrait / people photography. Who was the most interesting personality you photographed so far?
Actually, I don’t really know but it wasn’t a celebrity. I took pictures of old people living in the region called “Schwabenland”. It was for a benefit, they were quite unique.

And how was the collaboration?
Pretty tough. Most of them were hard of hearing…

Which person (alive or dead) would you love to shoot again?
John Lennon

If the pictures we see here would have a soundtrack with three songs, what would they be (song title and artist)?
Im Zweifel für den Zweifel – Tocotronic
Heute hier, morgen dort – Hannes Wader
Ordinary World – Duran Duran

Please describe the Sprocket Rock with five words.
Super hyper mega awesome camera

Do you have some tips for upcoming Sprocket Rocket photographers?
You need a lot of light!

And finally to close the interview: Can you tell us something about your next projects? Any interesting people or companies you are going to work with?
In March I did a reportage about the U14 girls soccer national team of Jordan. Therefore I had to travel to Amman.

Sounds interesting! How was it there?
Amman was crazy, a muslim country on the move. I’ve met very self confident girls and women and I photographed the city with my Sprocket Rocket.

Stay tuned and look forward to a follow-up…

Learn more about Dominic and his projects it on his website

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