Where Sheep and Wolf Shake Hands


Not even seven minutes away from Central Train Station in Dusseldorf you will find the railway underpass on Eller Street.

Whoever keeps there eyes open in Dusseldorf can see a lot of interesting sights. So “take care”, for example, the organization “free spaces” for the beautification of the city. The pink-painted bench of the organization has stood in the public park for a long time. Attached to it was a letter, which raised the question of who actually owns the city and how far the rights of individuals go. Apparently, the city very quickly became aware of it and it was probably taken away. A short time later, however, there was again an identical bench in the park.

Since February of this year, a new and hopefully permanent, project and sign of the organization has been completed: On 20 February, it was made under the railway bridge on Eller Street and created a work of art.
Whoever is randomly on their way through Dusseldorf and is a fan of modern art and graffiti should drop by here.

Here is a relevant newspaper article. (German Only)

Have fun looking/visiting.

PS: If you need fresh mint or a few oriental ingredients, you can easily go a little bit further. You will automatically pass a lot of shops where you can buy splendid fruit, unusual herbs, etc.

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translated by duckduckninja


  1. micbec
    micbec ·

    Thanks for translating and have a look on my Lomo-Home

  2. bylcuenca
    bylcuenca ·

    i only been to Dusseldorf twice but not into lomography back then 2005. oh i wish i could go back and take photos with my analog cameras....

    nice article!

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