Humboldthain Park

The old flak towers of this bunker complex offer the finest of panoramic views.

Completed in 1876, the Humboldthain Park is located near the Gesundbrunnen Train Station. In addition to going on a walk, sledding, or just chilling, you can even hike up onto the park’s 85-meter tall Humboldtian height. On a clear day, you have a magnificent view from there of Wedding (der Wedding) and the adjoining districts .

The Humboldtian height is, however, no natural mountain with an observation platform, but the remains of a bunker complex with flak towers from the second world war. The bunker complex was partially demolished after the war by the French. What remains now is only the north side. The rest of the mountain of rubble was filled with earth, forming the top of the hill.

Now this is really interesting, you can have a look at this bunker, or what is left of it, even from the inside! The Berlin Underworld Association offers guided tours into the interior through the months of April to October. They don’t in the winter months, unfortunately, since bats hibernate there.

Location and Directions
Wedding, Berlin near the Gesundbrunnen Train Station, above the Humboldthain S-train station (S1, S2, S25).

Additional information
Berlin Underworld Association

Note on the guided tours
Filming and photography is generally not permitted, a special permit can be issued with existing academic and media interest upon written request. You should however, still come on the guided tour. Outside and on the observation deck can, of course, be photographed until your shutter catches fire.

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