One Afternoon in Quito


Located in the province of Pinchicha, Quito is the capital of Ecuador. It is a seemingly small capital, but with an incredible colonial architecture found in almost all the streets, several tourist information points, there are also many points to observe the city from the top, and one with a mechanical park beside it.

I was less than a day in Quito, was supposed to go to the beaches of the equator when a friend missed a flight. Meanwhile, I know of the cable car from Quito, the Quarter’s historic center and the pink zone of Quito, La Mariscal. Public transport in Quito is very cheap, only 50 cents (USD) and has a system of interconnected lines among them. The taxi’s more expensive as I paid $5 from the airport to the hostel that I stayed in.

The incredible pink zone of Quito can be easily found from any hostel of $8, $10 more or less. In the region of Mariscal you can find the trade center, the main avenues of Quito, the culture house which has a very pretty park in front with a charming craft fair with typical pieces of wool, timber, gold and various souvenirs.

Having asked for information on the fastest way to explore the city, I took the city’s cable car. The tour costs $8 round trip. At the bottom of the ski lift, is where you can already find the viewpoint, it has a mechanical park, with great prices and is very beautiful, but best of all, there aren’t any queues in any of the park attractions.

Going up in the cable car is beautiful, it’s possible to see a full view of Quito and the mountains that are around it. At the top, hop on another ride with about eight different options wherein one of these takes you to the foot of the Pinchicha volcano. On the way, I found rabbits, horses, and cows.

What struck me most is that I was there at the latter part of the year, and in Ecuador, they have a tradition of burning “el año viejo”, which are dolls made of paper and wood of different kinds. Such figures represent the year that has gone and is being burned.

Quito is impressive, I was happy to have explored this city. It’s very beautiful and certainly a day is too short to know all the many places that I have yet to meet.

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