Color Your World!

What do we do when the weather colors the world in shades of gray?
Exactly, we photograph the world’s colors! So if you find everything to be monotonous, then let your creative center run wild and try out whatever comes to mind.

‘Color Your World’ was the theme of the workshop and of course the weather was suitably gray in gray.
So what can 15 motivated participants get more color out of?

After a turbulent brainstorming session, followed wild cutting and taping.
Films were selected and flash filters crafted.
A sense of chaos promised experimental and radiantly colorful photos.

Now a couple of ideas for you:
Transparent printed sheets
(designs for printing: rainbows, floral patterns, characters, words, etc. / to attach to the inner camera mask)
Transparent candy wrappers
Film can be cross processed: slide film in C41 or negative film can even be developed in E6!
Flash filter between Diana F+ lens and lens connection
Cling film melted with a lighter and attached inside the mask
Color Flash
Wear animal masks, neon, or sequined clothing
Or draw on just about anything with chalk

Did you taken part in the workshop? Then show us your results!
Or do you still have one, two, or maybe thousands of ideas you’d like to tell us?
We’re waiting for your tips!

written by beyondwonderland on 2011-05-19 #gear #tutorials #workshop #berlin #crossing #masks #tipster #do-it-yourself #diana-f #craft
translated by duckduckninja

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