Color filters easily taped to the Diana Flash!

Lovely Lomocommunity,

Surely you’re familiar with this:
You’re at a party or somewhere else in the dark and you want to equip your beloved Diana flash with a color filter, but unfortunately you’ve forgotten where you’ve set down the little plastic case with all the nice filters! Was it in your wallet, in your handbag, in a pocket in your jacket, or somewhere in your backpack, or even at home??
Once you’ve searched forever for it, you’ve probably missed the best scenes to be colorized!

Yesterday, I came up with a really simple idea to remedy this:
Since I also use my flash on other cameras, I should keep all of the filters attached to the flash!! So I did the following: I got out one of the most important tools used by Lomographers – tape! – and tried to find where I could adhere the filters to my flash. First, I had to overcome where taping the filters on wouldn’t ruin the aesthetics. But I think I’ve found a good place on the flash! I think the case fits well there and I never have to look for the filters again, nor worry that I set them down somewhere. The only things you need are: A knife or scissors, tape, and of course your beloved flash.

I hope I could help one or two people with this. And with that: Lomo on!

written by dedee on 2011-06-05 #gear #tutorials #color-gels #homemade #tipster #tpe #color-filters #handmade #blitz #diana-f #quickie-tipster
translated by duckduckninja

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  1. pzjo
    pzjo ·

    exactly what I did! works great

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