Sun-Soaked Sensia


Fuji Sensia 200 is an amazing film that gives you golden greens and bursting blues when cross processed which make it without a doubt the perfect film for any summer day. Throw it in a camera that loves the sun as much as the Lomography Supersampler, and you have a winning combination.

When I first got into Lomography, the thing that drew me in was the simply amazing things that cross processing could do. I spent about a week researching exactly what characteristic tone I wanted my first roll to turn out with, and finally, after hours of looking through albums and reading charts, I decided on Fuji Sensia 200. I honestly could not have imagined it to turn out as amazingly as it did, but I just put an order through for ten more rolls – so you know I’m happy.

I had some friends round for an Australia Day barbecue, and left my new Supersampler out in the back yard hoping that it would get a lot of use documenting the day. Unfortunately, when I got back to it at the end of the day the fragile ripcord had been broken by an eager amateur photographer, so I only got 2 rolls done of the Sensia. It took me this long to get round to developing the film – which, I might add, was also expired – and I cannot believe I didn’t do it earlier.

I was simply amazed at the vivid saturation and tones that I got with this film. Yellows and greens really popped off the page and gave every single shot a feeling of pure summer. Deep reds and vignetted blues rounded out the colours amazingly, and each shot was sharp and defined, literally everything that the sun touched turned to gold.

If anyone has ever doubted cross processing their film, and especially if you have ever doubted purchasing a few cheaper rolls of film because it is expired – the moral of the story is DON’T DOUBT! Just buy – and if your roll is anything like my two rolls of Sensia, you will assuredly not be disappointed. My photos showed me some of the deepest colours I’ve ever seen in my life, and hopefully you will have similar results! Just be sure to use this film in bright daylight – if you shoot into the sun you’ll get some lovely silhouettes, and if you shoot away from the sun you’ll get the summery greens and golds that so perfectly reflected the fact that I shot them on Australia Day!

Good luck and shoot on!

written by aanguswilliams on 2011-05-29 #gear #review #slide-film #x-pro #fuji-sensia-200 #user-review-lomography


  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    The colors are just AMAZING!!

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I have to try it!

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