RECAP: All About the Lomo LC-A Workshop @ Lomography gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village


On Saturday April 16th, we held a workshop about the classic Lomography camera: The LC-A! We were joined by a group of analog enthusiasts from the Film Photography Project.

The history and evolution of Lomography is directly linked to the history of the Lomo LC-A camera and in this workshop we overviewed the storied history of the two. After the twists and turns of history, we got into using the camera itself. We talked about the basic controls and settings and then moved along to a myriad of tips and tricks to make amazing Lomographs with the LC-A and all its accessories. After the presentation, attndees were allowed to borrow one of our LC-As and try it out for themselves. Fun was had a tons of analog photos were taken.

Big thanks to the Film Photography Project group for joining us! Be sure to check out their bi-weekly podcast. Launched in October of 2009, the Film Photography Podcast is a 90 minute, bi-weekly Internet radio program, exploring a wide range of topics relevant to the experienced and aspiring photographer using film as a medium.

Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village
41 W 8th Street NYC 10011
212-529-4353 x212

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