Olympus XA2


Compact, easy-to-use, carry-it-anywhere and pocket-size. These are the best four words I can manage to explain about this handy little camera, the Olympus XA2. This 80’s baby is a sure win if you’re out to take snapshots everywhere (just don’t forget to load some film)!

It was created as the simplified version of the Olympus XA. Both have a lot in common including:

  • 1. The soft feather-touch electromagnetic shutter release
  • 2. Same distinctive body
  • 3. Batteries (SR44 / S76 silver oxide button)
  • 4. ASA selection from 25-800

But the only thing here is that, it is quite likely compared to the LOMO LC-A. It is a zone focusing camera, and in front of it has three options which measures from 1.3m to infinity (in three zones). It uses 35mm film and best to say, its D.Zuiko lens is far more sharper and outstanding on some point-and-shoot cameras out there. Shutter speeds vary from 2s-1/750 and it is aperture-priority automatic.

This camera also allows night or low-light photography. A unique-designed flash can be attached into the side body. Also if one wants to be included in the picture, there’s always the self timer. Located in the bottom part, you have to switch the self timer, place the camera either in your tripod or somewhere else, press the shutter and you will hear a beeping melodic sound that slowly goes faster as the countdown nears to an end.

Some tips and tricks:

  • 1. As being compared to LC-A; when shooting night-time or low-light activities, don’t move until you hear the second shutter click, the first is the shutter opening and the second is it closing.
  • 2. Do not move the zone focus options when the dust barrier is closed. And every time you close the dust barrier, the zone focus resets or goes back to the middle zone (the figure of a person in orange color).

written by ethermoon on 2008-11-21 #gear #35mm #review #vintage #olympus-xa2


  1. jonathna
    jonathna ·

    cute girl in the middle!

  2. yoscolmi
    yoscolmi ·

    nice article and shots! i'm currently shooting my first roll in my xa2...very curious how it will turn out!

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