Sakura: Cherry Blossoms for Spring Happiness

Enjoy the beauty of crazily blooming cherry blossoms, taste Japanese culture in a joyful way, take your LC-A+ to welcome the most beautiful season of the year in London!

The symbol of spring, happiness and vitality, cherry blossoms welcome the most beautiful season of the year with its blooming flowers. In Japan, Cherry blossoms viewing is one of the most important time in spring for family and friends to gather together and celebrate, holding ‘Ohanami’, which means a flower viewing party.

Cherry blossoms are indigenous to the East Asian states. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of cherry blossoms worldwide, especially in Japan, where there are over 200 cultivars can be found. ‘Sakura’ refers to the Japanese flowering cherry. The transience of the flowers, the extreme beauty and quick death make ‘Sakura’ richly symbolic and widely utilised in Japanese arts.

Now you can also enjoy the beauty of these fragile flowers in London! From the Regent’s Park, St. James’s Park, and Kensington Gardens, to Greenwich, Richmond, St. John’s Wood, even just on the street in front of your flat, there are thousands of cherry blossoms planted in London and crazily blooming in the spring!

One of the most famous cherry blossoms is the ‘Somei Yoshino’, which occurs as a natural hybrid in Japan and now is one of the most popular flowering cherries planted among the world. The flowers emerge before the leaves in early spring and grow in cluster of five or six together. Because of its adorable looks, white or light pink colour and elegant shape, the ‘Yoshino Sakura’ is often planted for ornamental purposes around the temple or gardens.

Which camera is the most suitable one for spring happiness ‘Sakura’ photo shooting? I would say, there is no doubt that the winner goes to Lomo LC-A+ White Special Edition, before the wicked launch of the Japan’s Golden Week special edition cameras (I want them so bad!). Designed by Lomography Japan, the LC-A+ White Edition was inspired by the traditional Japanese stone garden, expressing the sophisticated Japanese culture. What can be more happier than taking cherry blossoms photos in the blooming gardens with the exclusive White Lomo L-Case carrying on your shoulder?

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