Animal Kingdom in Orlando


Another Disney World park I visited with my band during spring break 2011.

We have all heard so many stories about how the Animal Kingdom park was the best thing ever. It delivered. Out of all the Walt Disney World parks, it is tied for first as my favorite. The combination of thrill rides and exotic animals made for a day full of fun with my friends.

The park is divided into several sections, including Asia, Africa, DinoLand, and Discovery Island. My favorite part of the park was Asia, for that’s where the ride known as “Expedition Everest” resides. The ride includes a train ride up a miniature Mt. Everest, which ends up sending you backwards down the steep slopes. Here’s a photo of the ride:

As the name implies, Animal Kingdom offers a wide range of animals to see and photograph. There’s even a safari tour you can go on. However, it was the decor of the park that I really enjoyed. Like most Disney Parks, everything is colorful and great for taking pictures.

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  1. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    I was there just a few weeks ago too. I agree, it's the best of the Disney parks. The :safari" tour is especially enjoyable.

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