FujiChrome Provia 400F


FujiChrome Provia 400F is washed in the negative treatment, actually can be obtained comparable to the detailed and true color negative film! Unfortunately, it has been discontinued.

Photo Source: “FujiFilm USA”: http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/professional_photography/film/fujichrome/provia/provia_400f/index.html

One day, the film familiar to the print shop finishing, we saw that these volumes FujiChrome Provia 400F. Turned out to be the boss’s friends on consignment there, so a small number, but the legendary film has been discontinued for this, the market is not easy to find. Fujitsu produced the negative is my favorite, because of the color vivid, detailed images slippery and won my heart. It produced positive down have not tried. Anyway, the positive to ISO400, the selling price be cheaper down ah, so decided to buy two or three volumes as a test, to satisfy my curiosity.

This is a group of film of the maturity date of January 2004. (Haha, I was not involved in Lomography photography too!) I put it on my “LC-A +”: http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/lomo-lc-a-cameras/lomo -lc-a-new-package, and set to 400 ASA film, intends to take after being rushed to the finishing shop to negative processing.

After finishing the effect of negative to positive for the red than usual with the AgfaPhoto CT Precisa and Kodak Elitechrome EB100 particles show significantly more detail. And because the contrast is moderate, not become too large due to contrast that position by the light into a “dead white”, dark place into the black, it can still clearly show the details. Color performance, in a nutshell, color cast is not obvious. The overall image color in subdued sunlight, and sunlight, the stronger the color the more light. In the strong sunlight or darker color of the outdoor environment and slightly cool blues, normal daylight is a slight warm bias tone green or yellow.

Surprisingly, the performance of the night shooting under the most realistic color with no apparent color cast, and not obviously pale, as if a color negative shot!

If you happen to encounter the positives, be sure to try it in person, you will be pleasantly surprised at the effect of the film!

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