Leave Behind the Tour Guide and Visit Colegiales!


Colegiales is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, at the north of the city between Palermo, Belgrano, and Chacarita. It is quiet and lovely and if you have a good eye, you’ll see a lot of great and original places to take pictures of. And those places are the type that you won’t just learn from any tour guide!

Colegiales is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires that I currently live in. It is at the north of the city, between Palermo, Belgrano, and Chacarita. It is a lovely neighborhood, very quiet, with many streets made of stone and with huge trees. In Buenos Aires, it is becoming less frequent to find houses, but here there are houses of every style: of North European architecture, French style, typical houses of the earlier 1900s and “architecture stratums” from diverse decades. Unfortunately, many (and especially the antique ones) are being demolished for the construction of buildings.

Many of my favorite places for taking photographs are in Colegiales:
- The bridge known as Newbery (although its true name is Bustos): it is curved in a very interesting way, has a great view of the railroad and of the Colegiales Train Station. It also has a nice view of the copula of a church, and sometimes I’ve also seen impressive full moons.

- A church (I don’t know its name) on Amenabar Street: I love its front which is covered with ivy, it is green during summer and red during autumn. It is closed with a fence, so pictures might be taken through it and always on your knees.

- A house decorated with wonderful street art, it is completely covered by it. Amazing!

- An electric power station: the trees and parks of the area are “cut” by the cables and towers of the power station, these are great against the blue sky.

- Pasaje General Paz: a beautiful European-style antique apartments complex. It has incredible balconies and Bridges, and even a wheel in the patio! You can see the opposite street through the fence of this magical place. I dream of living here someday.

It is said that Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I’m not lucky enough to make that comparison, but I know that the city is beautiful in itself. Especially when walking around the neighborhoods and finding those special places, far away from the glitz of fashion or tour guides.

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  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    I really want to live here...

  2. tomi11
    tomi11 ·

    una pregunta, se puede entrar al pasaje general paz? no lo conociaa, esta muy bueno para sacar fotos. pero escuche que no se puede pasar si no conoces a alguien que viva ahi ..

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