When seasons go by...


How you can capture the progress of the seasons with your Action Sampler! Inspired by the flowering trees in spring, I was thinking that it would be exciting to have all four seasons in one picture!

So I taped three of the four lenses on both sides (better safe than sorry), wrote down which lens I had left open, put in the Film and marked the start position. Since I was a little inexperienced with repeatedly loading a single roll of film, and it also unhooked at the beginning, I was unable to load it in the exact same place later.

Then I set off, with a notebook under my arm, and shot through the film in a Volksgarten (public park) in Dusseldorf. For each picture, I made a note of what kind of scene I had shot on what position.
As I was rather impatient, waiting to see the outcome, I did the other three exposures within the next two or three months – because of this, I was almost sure that there would be too many potential errors for the result to be what I had intended. But then I held them in my hands!

As expected, the images have moved around a little. Next time I need to mark the starting position much more carefully. Moreover, next time I will use a slide film, because I found the colors fade a little, and I will actually attempt to shoot all four seasons respectively!

Here are the unprocessed results from the scanner:

For some, I then used my computer to push around some of the images on the top and bottom to align them:

Even if the pictures didn’t come out perfect, I’m glad that the first attempt went well. Hopefully I can show you better pictures in a year!

written by shoujoai on 2011-05-07 #gear #tutorials #summer #winter #spring #camera #autumn #tape #multiple-exposure #fall #lenses #tipster #actionsampler #pop9 #seasons #progress #multiens
translated by duckduckninja


  1. novakmisi
    novakmisi ·

    great !!!

  2. mythguy9
    mythguy9 ·

    Holy, you sure have tonnes of patience!

  3. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    thanks @duckduckninja for translating!

  4. hubo
    hubo ·

    3 months, wow!

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