Springtime Equals Shooting Time

Which is the best season to take pictures? I guess the answer could be only one: SPRING!

Spring it’s my favorite season, you can see bees and flowers everywhere. It is one of the best seasons to take pictures, because the colors are unique, so each one of your photos come out differently.

I don’t know which part is better, if are the spectacular flowers, or the beautiful days that spring offers, much better than extremely hot summer or a super cold winter.

There’re so many kind of flowers that you won’t be able to take a picture of everyone single flower and tree. There’re not only flowers around at spring, there’s also a lot of animals, such as cats that enjoy the warm weather and like to hang around the grass. And the beautiful swallows that search for food for their babies.

So be sure to go outside with a bunch of rolls! And of course, enjoy!

written by eatclicklove on 2011-05-23 #lifestyle #animals #flowers #spring #cats #season

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