Leaving Winter Behind: Spring Is Here!

The snow at times was fun but the cold and darkness was not. So now I’m raising a smile and leaving winter behind as spring is finally upon us. The days are longer, the climate is warmer and summer is just around the corner.

As February turns into March in the UK the nights get shorter, the temperature warmer and life begins to return to our once barren trees and fields. With lighter mornings and blossoming trees lining the streets in April I finally feel that winter has been cast aside and spring is upon us.

Where once I would finish work during the hours of darkness I now have both time and light on my side to fully exploit this season’s shooting potential and not a pair of gloves of scarf in sight. It was in fact on a bus ride home from work the other day that I passed pink blossoming trees basking in late afternoon sunlight that gave me the inspiration and motivation to break out the camera and head on out for a walk.

Yet only a month or so ago I would walk through the door of my house, turn the heating up a little and make a cosy spot on the sofa feeling too tired and cold in the dark late afternoon to venture out. No more though. Winter, it seems, has been well and truly left behind.

With frequent Bank Holidays, the Easter holiday and May Day to come I will be looking forward to shaking off some of the dreariness of winter, enjoying those days away from work and making the most of the season.

Even venturing not too far beyond my own doorstep (or garden for that matter) life can be seen returning all around. Swathes of colour have returned to the streets and gardens, children can be heard and seen playing in the parks and the sun has once again cuddles with warmth like the cosiest of quilts.

I personally do not hate the winter season. Even this darkest and coldest of seasons has its positives and lends itself to many photographic opportunities. But the arrival of spring holds the prospect colour and light with new life all around us. I for one will not pass on the opportunity to capture this on film and run riot with lens flare, saturated shots and soft and dreamy landscapes as once cool blues become bright greens and warm yellows.

I will look forward to the next winter but for now I am glad to leave it behind. With spring here and summer just around the corner my cameras and I will be having a busy few months.

Happy shooting everyone!

written by veato on 2011-05-24 #pink #lifestyle #flowers #winter #spring #blossoms #april #march #seasons #veato

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