Springtime Analogue Shooting: Sherwood

Shooting on film in spring is going to provide plenty of opportunity to capture some lovely images. With colour returning to the world I hope to get out with the cameras even more and make use of their dreamy soft focus and bold colour reproduction to enhance this already beautiful season.

I have to admit that I enjoyed some of the photos I took over the winter with my analogue camera collection. Whether it was a graveyard bathed in shadows or a brisk walk in the low winter sun creating lens flare I took the opportunities to grab some photos while I was out.

The problem with winter though is that it’s cold here. It’s far too easy at the weekend to stay home in your cosy house with central heating on playing Xbox. Sure it won’t win me any Lomography Rumbles but at least I’ll be warm.

Spring changes all that though. Where once I looked outside at darkness there is now light. We’re in the middle of April now and by UK standards it has been a lovely month on the whole. With fewer excuses to stay in it’s time to get out for some spring time analogue shooting!

I ventured out only a few days ago with the intention of capturing some of the tree blossoms and flowers gracing my local area. It was also an opportunity to try out my new but as yet unused Fujifilm Silvi F2.8 camera. Typically for the British climate the clouds rolled in as the day grew long so I loaded up some ISO800 film and headed out.

The April showers held off and the sun peeked through the clouds from time to time allowing me to capture some photos. With the ISO800 film loaded had I been using my Diana Mini or Vivitar UWS I suspect overexposure would have been the dish of the day, but the little Silvi handled the mixed conditions admirably.

What I found on this springtime shoot was life and colour. Lots of new life is sprouting from trees, plants and bushes and now colour replacing what once was brown and grey. The striking pink blossoms were bright and plentiful and it was only after seeing them up close I wished I had loaded some Velvia to boost the colours even further.

Even so getting up close to the trees and plants reminded me of what was missing in winter and as the season goes on I can see me shooting more and more making use of saturated slide film and cross-processing techniques.

I was still happy with what the Silvi and Superia 800 managed to capture and even turned the camera away from blossoms and flowers for a moment to capture the two loves of my life.

Spring time analogue shooting hasn’t ended for me yet though. I feel as though I’ve only scraped the surface. As much as I like to look at nature’s colour spring also brings with it new animal life and the ducklings, lambs and bunnies are too irresistible to ignore.

And if the British weather treats me kindly I’ll be more than happy to leave the faster film in the fridge and break out some sunshine-friendly ISO50-200 film. Winter was fun but I’m hoping spring will be even better!

written by veato on 2011-05-23 #pink #lifestyle #trees #spring #baby #blossom #sherwood #veato

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