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Kamil Roxas is an Art Director based in Dubai, UAE. He’s passionate about film, travel, and music, and has “a very shameful amount of sneakers and analog cameras.” The love for analog sparked Hello Analog, a project that he maintains with his friend Steve Erana. Read on and say hello!

Kamil Roxas is an Art Director based in Dubai, UAE. He’s passionate about film, travel, and music, and has “a very shameful amount of sneakers and analog cameras.” The love for analog sparked Hello Analog, a project that he maintains with his friend Steve Erana. Read on and say hello!

What was your first Lomography experience? How was it?
I’ve had previous brushes with Lomography, and even throughout my early days of tinkering with graphic design and the moving images of video, I would give my footages the treatment that emulates how film reacts when exposed i.e. the distressed look, lightleaks, heavy vignettes, blurs and all those scratches so when I finally started doing Lomography, I got too excited that I was reaping the results I have always wanted for my images straight out of the camera. Then I stopped trying to have too much control over my images, its nice to have things happen naturally. And I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of camera and film stock since then.

Tell us more about Hello Analog!
Hello Analog is a pet project I started early this year, It’s a creative playground of lo-fi images, and a few floating videos I’ve directed as well. The idea of having the site, as the name suggests, is to welcome analogue photography and even push it to its logical extremes. Now it has been slowly gathering a pool of images by me and my constant collaborator, Steve Erana ( and an army of other collaborators for the zine that comes out every month (or whenever its ready). It’s amazing how its slowly growing into a variety of analogue eye candy. I guess its our way of giving back to the culture a bit.

A day in the life of Kamil:
It depends on whats going on at the time, and changes every day. I always throw around simple grounded ideas in the morning, and the conception of it throughout the day, and then obviously the execution of them at night when all tasks are done. I normally spend a lot of time working on personal creative projects at night. Its certainly not always colourful, there’s a lot of quiet days in between when I’d rather just enjoy a good movie.

You’re going to a deserted island with only one camera and a roll of
film. Which camera + film combo would it be?

I would go as far as saying the LCA and the Ektrachrome combo, but not further. Especially when its a deserted island. I wouldn’t wanna go anywhere near there. The evening’s might get too cold even at this time of the year.

Someone wants one of your photos up on a billboard. Which photo would it

It’s called ‘Life in April’. It’s a shot I took a month ago. I really like how the colors came out, and the piece looks very simple and subtle. A lot of people would miss it so easily, but I think somehow it portrays how life could be is so wide and encompassing and there’s us with this small vessel, at some point you might actually think if we are headed in the right direction. It’s one of my favorites.

Any scary/weird Lomography moment that
you’d like to share?

I think its almost the opposite, it wasn’t really scary or weird but it was a bit shocking. I have made this short film of late last year that has won as best short piece in a prestigious film festival, and is still in competition in other film festivals. And its amazing how lomography has such a big influence on the texture, the style and the look of that film. I guess if my colleagues would say anything about my work, it’s that ‘he is trying to emulate the look of shooting with film, and would push it even more.’ (and I would agree with this too)

If you could take a photo of any celebrity, who would it be?
I have a lot in mind, but there’s one person I always wanted to take a portrait of and that’s Adam Duritz from the band Counting Crows. It’s a band that I have admired for a very long time now, and Adam is a great storyteller with his songs, and an amazing artist so I think he should be a great portrait subject.

The genie grants you three wishes. What do you wish for?
I’ve always wished that art came to me at an earlier age, I did start drawing at a young age like 4 or 5 years old but its not until after college that I have the natural tendency to clearly visualize things and put them into perspective. I also wish for creative collaborations with some of the artists I look up to, like Stefan Sagmeister or maybe Spike Jonze. And I wish to have my own creative studio with a few handy Macs, and establish lead creative. That will be cool.

What frustrates you (in general)?
I’m a little obsessed by projects, they are always on my mind. It’s frustrating how its not always that easy to find the right resources for ideas that are just strange and beautiful. I’m also curious about a lot of things. I like to think in different scales at the same time, in both my still and moving images and it’s just frustrating how its not always that easy to juggle both, but I would describe it as a long and satisfying dance.

Recommend something good.
My appreciation for things is really broad so it would take forever if I were to list them all! But I would probably say in movies there’s The Garden State, Rules of Attraction, and Pieces of April. In music, especially in Manila I would say Up Dharma Down, and for everywhere else there’s Moving Units, New Young Pony Club, Sigur Ros, and Kent. And definitely New York, I have spent a winter there but that’s before I got into lomography and I regret that because I think it is the perfect city to photograph, but right now I think anywhere is a good place, its a good time to be alive.

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    Great Interview and I really like the Hello Analog project! :)

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    Graciaas LSI! and dont forget to check out the chocolate flavored analog fun zine every month!


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    wow! an interview!
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