Spring Revival: A Creative Piece for the Changing Seasons

A clearer sky breeds a clearer mind. Spring brings revival not only to nature but to all of us too!

Spring – A New Awakening

It had been a long winter. She had been cooped up in her cold room for months; like a tree that’s lost its leaves and stands alone waiting for the Spring to come along and bring new life to its yearning outstretched hands. She often looked out of her first floor window at the tree that stood there. She could sit for hours starring; sometimes catching a glimpse of her reflection in the window and likening herself to the naked branches. To her they seemed to be stretching their tips as far as they could, as if hunting desperately with their extremities for some kind of life to fill them and make them whole again.

It had been a while since she’d sat at her window as it had started to feel like winter was never going to end and that the cold was pervading every aspect of her world making it seem even more lifeless. However today was different, she’d woken up early for once lacking the usual headache and apathetic mindset and noticed the sun peaking through the gaps in the curtains, illuminating the door frame in dappled light. It was as if she was being beckoned out of her cave by nature itself and for once she was actually tempted.

On stepping out of the door all she could think was that colour like this hadn’t saturated her life in so long. It was as if someone had flicked a switch and instantaneously she was no longer seeing the world in black and white. She felt like she was being refreshed, as if with every gulp of air she was breathing in the rebirth of Spring and letting go of the shackles of winter.

Under her favourite tree she lay. in the tall swaying grass taking in her surroundings as a cool breeze drifted over her wafting the scent of fresh blossom over her greedy nostrils. It was electrifying; the vibrancy of the sky above her, the feel of the grass underneath her dainty frame, the sound of the new-born ducklings that came to campus every year.

It was the trees however that she found most captivating. She’d spent those winter months watching them yearn for revival just as she longed for something to inspire her again and renew her lust for life. Now she looked up at those same branches to see them blossoming and realised with elation that they still encapsulated her inner self: she too was “blossoming”. Spring had awakened her soul and she was once again seeing the beauty in her surroundings. It is true to say that a clear sky breeds a clear mind and she knew that in the seasons themselves she had found the warmth that she had been waiting for.

written by sophiebissell on 2011-05-23 #lifestyle #trees #spring #life #new #blossom #rebirth #awakening

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