Killing Your Afternoon Hours in Keelung - Black Rabbit House

I went to “Hey-To-To” (Black Rabbits) House during the weekend. I spent my whole afternoon here, and all my depression from work was swept away with its relaxing pace!

Credits: ccwu

The shop is very near the Keelung Train Station so it is easily accessible by any mode of transportation. The shop is at the second floor and has a banner that doesn’t catch much attention so it might take you some time to actually find the place. The theme of the shop is very much like a French grocery store, but the atmosphere inside reminds me of Jiyugaoka in Tokyo.

Credits: ccwu

The proprietor of the shop explained to me that the place used to be a private studio, but her customers and friends encouraged her to turn the place into a shop for business.

Credits: ccwu

All the decorations in the shop are cute and it also offers delicious dessert selections and drinks. I like this place very much and I feel totally relaxed here.

“Hey-To-To” House
● Business House: 11:30 ~ 20:30
● Tel.: 02-2427-8438
● Address: 2nd Flr., No. 107, Xiaoer Rd., Keelung City

written by ccwu on 2011-04-16 #places #film #35mm #nikon-fm2 #location #135 #venue #solaris-taiwan-keelung-cafe-tea-afternoon
translated by blowpufferfish

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