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While waiting for the opening of Simple Market, I took the opportunity to visit Good Cho’s.

After seeing so many excellent cultural and creative products and having also learned about the ideas behind their designs, I noticed that there are more and more people trying to elevate their quality of life and become even more connected to the land they live on. These people are realizing their dreams and I believe there is still a great number of good designs that can be introduced to us. These designs require the attention and support from the public and I hope that there will be more proper spaces for cultural and creative designers to exhibit their works and put on their performances. By doing so, we can actually consolidate the idea of “design for life, live in designs”.

Good Cho’s is a complex of restaurants and exhibition spaces, managed by the same operation team of Simple Life event, featuring design brands, cultural, and creative products, performance spaces, and simple foods. Combining the appeals of Simple Life: doing things you like and make them valuable, and Simple Ripple: let the beauty in life stir ripples in your heart, Good Cho’s has persisted in making impressive, comfortable, natural, and beautiful living spaces for all of us. The simplicity here has influenced everyone who steps inside.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s during the day or at night, one can always find interesting attractions in this place. You can just sit close to the window and watch the sunshine fall on your notebook, taking away the warmth by your palms while closing the pages. You can also occupy a log bench in the yard, cross your legs and enjoy the ice cream in your hands while the dancing wind gently performs its ballet on tiptoe on your skin. Life is simple, and you smile with it.

There are also local food materials in Good Cho’s. Midori Ice Cream is a store that uses local fruit and tea to create its alluring ice cream. My favorite flavor of all is Mulberry Ice Cream, which always makes me come back for more!

Good Cho's website
Business hours and how to get there

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