The Rossmann 400 35 mm: A Film for Day and Night


Anyone who knows of Rossmann also knows about the Films they have, know them! Next to Kodak Professional Elite Chrome 100 and Kodak Professional BW 400 CN you should also get the color negative film Rossmann 400, the film of this review!

In the best double pack, you get a lot of nice results. It is well suited for long exposures at night or during other low light conditions. In sunny weather, the colors are strong and if you photograph with a flash you get magnificent photos without heavy grain. This film is best suited for beginners of Lomography, because you can’t easily go wrong!

In the following photos, you can see the results I have obtained under various conditions:

Go and try out this film!

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written by brommi on 2011-05-18 #gear #film #35mm #review #iso400 #rossmann


  1. ribs_22
    ribs_22 ·

    oh! it's great! did you buy it by internet or in a photo shop?

  2. 12_12
    12_12 ·

    I love the film too. Had great experience with the sprocket rocket!! And its remarkably cheap: 1,75 Eur for 2 films...

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