Charming exposure errors part 2: the thick Diana roll


Stylish pictures which are “eaten” above and below by light that you get with a thick Diana roll. This most likely results when the film is loaded too loosely or is wound up wrong. But just exactly how, I haven’t yet figured out myself…

A few weeks ago, it happened to me for the first time: when I had finished spooling my Medium format Film and opened the cover to my Diana , I noticed I was holding an unusually thick film roll in my hand. But since I’m rather imperfect when taking pictures, I brought it to the lab without any particular protection. There, of course, the lab man promptly scolded me, but since I’m a big fan of pretty light leaks(when not entirely eaten away), so I was not deterred.

For those who want to avoid this effect it is recommended to immediately protect the role from light and wrap with aluminum foil.

Here is my small collection of various films, which has meanwhile accumulated:

Provia 400X xpro
Fuji 800Z in C41
Fuji RXP 100 in E6

Of course the error affects only the outer images, or about the last three (numbers 10, 11 and 12), depending on the thickness of the role.
If you would like a little more, you can squeeze the film back and forth a little, but I went too far ;) with the Fuji 800Z I had someone take for me, and there’s not much that can be seen:

Presumably you can get the extra effect if you insert the film a little more loosely.

written by shoujoai on 2011-05-11 #gear #tutorials #film #light #light-leaks #tipster #diana #error #light-spots #thick-roll

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  1. megs79
    megs79 ·

    I find that some types of film are more likely to give you a fat roll than others. Kodak 400vc120 tends to roll fat a lot. Whenever I shoot with that I try to unload in a semi dark place and I will carry around a little piece of foil to wrap it in and let my lab know it's a fat roll. Find doing this can cut the possibiliy of a light leak..but sometimes I like the light leaks.

  2. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    I love a fat roll me...

  3. haveyouseenbob
    haveyouseenbob ·

    light leak is lovely! if you want to you can limit the effect by squeezing the left hand side of your diana as you wind on.

  4. ingwaybee
    ingwaybee ·

    I had light leaks like this on one of my rolls and the developer didn't transfer the negatives to prints :(

  5. naomac
    naomac ·

    This happens with my Diana too one roll will wrap tight one will wrap loosely, pot luck as I too have yet to figure it out. But it is interesting to see what happens with the loose rolls when they develop.

  6. jojo8785
    jojo8785 ·

    I have a number of films that this has happened to. My last X-Pro film not only was fat and loosely rolled, it doesn't have a sticky end so I accidentely let go and it went REALLY loose. I thought my whole film was wrecked(it should have been!) but only two shots were destroyed completely and two more leaked:…

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