Instant frame for the refrigerator gallery

It’s now well known that you can recycle your old Instax mini film cassettes for wonderful frames. Now I’ll show you how to get them ready for the “refrigerator gallery”.

Refrigerators are ideal for displaying photos, shopping lists, and pictures painted by your children, nephews, or nieces. It would also be nice to display framed Instax Mini photos in this place.

No problem. It only needs to be magnetic. If you have children of your own, then inevitably comes the moment of Fruchtzwerge(Fruitdwarves) or other children’s themed refrigerator magnets. And because of this, I’ve simply “borrowed” one and adhered it to the back of the empty Instax film cassette with double sided tape. It took less than five minutes. When there are only one or two photos in the cassette, there will be sufficient strength from one magnet. If it is heavy because you have all ten images in it, then you should use two of these Foil magnet. Or you can glue on stronger metal magnets. Just try it out.

List of ingredients

  • Empty Instax oder Instax Mini Film Cartridge
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Your Instax photos

Here are the links to the tipsters with instructions on how to get the pictures in the cartridge:
Instant Frames!
Frames for Your Mini Instax!

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