The Lubitel's New Clothes


Most cameras you buy are black, with a few exceptions here and there. This tipster will show you how to dress up your camera with a new fancy outfit!

So far I own a Lubitel, a Holga120, a Smena 8M, an old Konica SLR, a Diana Mini and a Fisheye1. All of these cameras are black, with the exception of the diana mini which has the turqoise top and the fisheye, which is black and white.

I got kind of tired of the blackness. So what to do? You can’t buy a Lubitel in CMYK colours. Sure, you can get the other cameras in different variations.. But what if you don’t like them?

This is what I have done to my Lubitel because I was tired of its gloomy look:

This is actually quite easy to do, because all you need is:

- Scissors
- Ruler and Pencil
- Self-gluing design foil.

For the design foil, you can go to any hand-crafts shop, any home-design shop or even a store with office supplies, that’s where I found mine.
Here’s a few examples of what kind of patterns and colours you may find:

So in essence, you can make ANYTHING out of your camera! You want it to look like wood? Done! You want it to look like a sniper rifle? Done! Anything and everything with just a little searching!

The process is the following:
- make an outline of your camera on the foil-backside. If you want all of the camera to be redone, make an outline of all the sides. If you want just the lens cap – obviously you make the outline of just the lens cap. Use a ruler and pencil for that; you might want to take some scrap paper first to try it out.

- cut the new “clothes” out.
- before you glue them to the camera, make sure to clean your camera body. Remember that this thing won’t glue to fat, oils and dirt.
- After you carefully glue the design foil on your camera, leave your camera somewhere on the table, where it’s not too warm, otherwise the glue will dissolve, but also not too cold, because then the glue .. well, it won’t glue, it won’t react =))

My camera “dried” for a day and has been wearing this outfit for a few months now =)

So, how would YOU dress up your lomocam?
Have fun and share your results!

written by xxxanderrr on 2011-05-15 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #camera-modification #tipster-clothes-lubitel-outfit-hand-made-dyi


  1. mythguy9
    mythguy9 ·

    Do you have a picture of your Lubitel with its new clothes? Can you tear the clothes away when you want to try another design?

  2. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    ahm.. the pictures are above o_O
    and yes, you can tear it away, just use a little rubbing alcohol to remove the rest of the glue, let it dry for a day and you're free to go

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    can't see the Lubitel in his new clothes in the above pictures... :( Thinking to make this for my 3 LCA's, to distinguish them...

  4. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    Ok, picture 6 shows the design i was using.
    In picture 5 it is pretty evident, in my opinion, and on the other pictures there are strokes of the gold here and there. It's a subtle design.

  5. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    ok, didn't understand that it was the new clothes made out of black and subtle golden traces... after your link to patterns and colors and sentence about black cameras, I was looking for a more colored version... but it's cool to preserve a vintage look with new clothes! :)

  6. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    makes sense I guess. But hey, the Lubitel is a serious camera, I didn't want to make it look completely ridiculous.
    Perhaps I shall do this to my Holga and simply upload pictures of how it looks when its NOT subtle =D

  7. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    Pimp my Fisheye?

  8. yarah
    yarah ·

    great tipster!

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