Slovak Lomomobil on the Road Again – SPP Chavala Cup 2011 Zvolen


The Slovak Lomomobil on the road again this time at SPP Chavala Cup 2011 Zvolen. Skate competition, sun, fun, Lomography stand/car full of cameras, films and other magical lomography stuff.

This summer Lomography Slovakia is constantly on the road this summer, mainly because the lovely lomomobil. The little car for great adventures, 80’s Citroen AX, is the best event, workshop, fun car ever. You can see it riding, pimped up by the talented guys from PEK! all over the country. This time on a skate contest SPP Chavala Cup 2011 Zvolen. As always we have the car filled up with cameras, films, tricks, tips, fun and other good stuff from Lomography. A contest where you can win a camera is also on. See you there!

2011-08-29 #news #event #slovak-lomomobil-on-the-road-again-spp-chavala-cup-2011-zvolen


  1. empiko
    empiko ·

    Are there any events aside from this one in Zvolen in near future?

  2. lomojolo
    lomojolo ·

    Hi empiko, lots of events coming up in slovakia and czech republic. follow or just drop by the Lomography Bratislava Embassy Store to find out more.

  3. lyndxe
    lyndxe ·

    this is awesome! i will definitely have to get in on events somehow in the future :)

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