Make your own LOMOLITO!


Do you know the famous lomography Lomolitos? Those single use cameras, tunned up with some color gel filters on flash, were available in lomography shop for a long time. They disappeared for a while (or totally), so why not to make your own Lomolito?
It´s easy mmmkay?….

The first thing you need is a single use camera…any brand, any look..simple, plastic, cheapo camera!
Then you need some color gel filters (like those which come with a diana flash). You can make them on your own from a sheet of transparent pvc foil (available in your local paper stores).

You have to simply cut out a piece suitable for a flash on your single use camera.. stick it right on it with a transparent plastic tape and ther you go….
Snap snap snap…..a beautiful color shots from a boring and cheap single use camera!

Check this out! This was an orange color filter on my flash!

written by engelbert on 2011-05-13 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #quickie-tipster #lomolito-camera-single-use-low-budget

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    and now grab some boobies!

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