Knole Park, Sevenoaks

Sunday April 3rd, Mother’s Day – My family, my girlfriend, and I took a stroll in the gardens of a local stately home, amongst the beautiful local wildlife.

For Mother’s Day, my girlfriend and I decided to arrange a trip to a local park with my family. So, after deciding on the venue – Knole Park, surrounding the beautiful National Trust property, Knole House near Sevenoaks, Kent – we packed up our picnic and off we went.

The first thing that we saw when we arrived were a large number of locals who had the same idea as us, however as we moved away from the main entrance, it seemed another set of residents were taking interest in our presence.

Yes, that’s right, the park is home to hundreds of beautiful Roe Deers. All very tame and completely harmless, we walked amongst the beautiful creatures, admiring their presence, and placid nature.

After pausing to eat our lunch, we continued our journey around the park, before stopping to witness a couple commit a cardinal sin… they let their dog off its leash! The deer scattered to the safety of the hill, until the dog had been rounded up and they were safe once more.

After the sudden excitement, we spent another hour walking around the park (and having a game or two of hide and seek), my girlfriend and I snapping away happily as we went. I highly recommend Knole Park as somewhere to go to experience beautiful surroundings, stunning fauna, and have yourself a relaxing wander, whether Lomographing the area or not.

written by jonzy on 2011-04-16 #places #landmark #location #deer-stately-home-and-grounds-park-walk-mothers-day-family-day-out

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