Kodak Ektachrome 64: A 1991 Expired Miracle!

A slide film suitable for all situations – day and night, winter and summer, inside and outside with magnificent vibrant colours! If you haven’t tried it out – DO IT!

Ektachrome was a brand that was manufactured by Kodak, starting in the 1940s. It was available in all kinds of formats and was one of the first films that one could process on one’s own instead of having to send back to Kodak for special processing.The last batches are all E-6 processing, which makes things easier for small labs and home-developers.

As of 2009, Ektachrome 64 has been discontinued, so the only way left to acquire it are through eBay and at flea markets. I had the luck of getting 35 rolls of Ektachrome 64 film in February, expiration date 1991! A couple of weeks ago I got another batch – another 35 rolls with a 2000 expiration date.

The film is very diverse: It works great in summer, as all slide films do. It has a great crispy contrast with vibrant colours and fantastic range, whether you’re shooting single or multi-exposures:

It works very well in winter as well, giving your pictures a natural look:

There are also a couple of tricky aspects to this film:

The 64 ISO of the film really is something that you need to keep in mind. It is a slow film, so a camera like a Holga might have problems with it, considering the limited aperture settings. I’ve used that film on my Lubitel mainly, with 2 rolls shot on a Holga. When I was shooting it, I used f4.5 aperture and shutter speeds of between 1/60 and 1/125, and with the Holga I usually use the B setting. Sadly, even in the most sunny weather, the Holga cant handle the film, unless you double expose it.

When overexposing, it still gives a very dreamy look:

For inside, if you expose properly, the pictures are great. They’re full of warm colours, there’s no grain whatsoever:

During cross-processing the film gives off a greenish hue when underexposed and warmish yellow tones when exposed properly:

If you’re at a party and fancy cross processing, I advise to push it one stop at least, because otherwise you’ll get a lot of grain and most of your pictures will be very dark, given the low ISO:

All in all, I think I better let the pictures speak for themselves. I just want to add that after the Fuji Velvia, this is my favourite slide film.I just need a chance to shoot more landscape shots with it. =)

I hope you guys have fun with this film because, in the words of Barney Stinson, it’s AWEEESOOOOME!!

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