Let's Enjoy the Pillow Fight in Amsterdam


On April 2, lomographyNLD organized a Lomo meeting in Amsterdam. A second meeting in such a short time (remember the meeting in Nijmegen?), how great was that?! The day of the meeting, there was a pillow fight on “De Dam” in Amsterdam as well, a great opportunity to combine the two events.

That Saturday I went to Amsterdam a bit early. I hardly ever go to A’dam so I wanted to do some shopping as well. So I was an hour early, at 13h. It was the first sunny day of the year and quite warm in Nijmegen (where I’m from). When I walked outside the Central train station in Amsterdam it was very windy, but still warm and sunny. I walked to the centre of A’dam and it was so crowded that my mood for shopping was gone in a second. I entered some shops, bought a nice red skirt and decided to wait for the others and walked around “De Dam”. Then I went to the meeting spot and met lomographyNLD for the first time. Some people from the meeting in Nijmegen where also present, yay!

Then we walked all together to the place where the pillow fight was. There were a lot of people and all brought their pillows. We only brought our cameras but it was still so much fun! Everybody was laughing and hitting each other with the pillows. There where so much feathers whirling through the air that it was sometimes hard to breathe. And all of us where covered with the white feathers.

After the pillow fight, we went for a little walk, had some ice cream, and enjoyed the sun. After a while we all went on our own way. I was home quite late and when I woke up the next morning my whole bed was covered with feathers!

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  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    ooooo - i miss Dam Square :)

  2. paramir
    paramir ·

    Great photos Manja! It was a great fight :)

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