Snatch! Buy Sidekick Leather bag & get a Sling-On Bag Free!

Buy a Sidekick leather bag – large or Lite – and get a Sling-on bag for free!

Buy a Sidekick leather bag – large or Lite – and get a Sling-on bag for free!

LC-A, Diana, Fisheye and Actionsampler, and films? I can’t help but notice that they don’t all fit in my pockets!

No problem, Snatch! has got the perfect thing for you! Get yourself a Sidekick leather bag and we’ll throw in a Sling-On bag for free. The trendy Sidekick bag looks as good on the guys as on the girls and is large enough to hold such important things as your laptop, vinyl records or lunchbox. The Sidekick Lite is more compact and comfortably fits your compact camera, a stash of film plus your keys, pennies and plastic!

The Sling-On bag takes care of your Lomographic darlings as you enter the club or supermarche with style and finesse. Get one of these Slingshots for free when you buy the Sidekick Leather bag €/$ 250 or the Sidekick Leather Lite €/$ 175.

Save 25 EUR/USDVisit the shop now!

Visit the Sidekick Leather bag microsite

Visit the Sling-On bag microsite

Watch out for the next Snatch!

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