The SPAMera pinhole camera


are you ready for the world wide pinhole day?

making of this camera started when “cyanwater” request to have a SPAMera for her birthday.
yeah… there is no way u can purchase one of the shelves.
this SPAMera is of different mechanism compare to the original version from Chris Keeney.


when i first saw CK step by step instruction, i realise the making is a bit too technical for me, especially the part where i need to hacked saw the threaded rod, and having to re-spool after taking picture will be a troublesome. Hence this version is born.

prepare the tools:-
1. black mounting board
2. plasticine
3. scissors (to cut metal)
4. scissors (to cut tape and paper)
5. pliers
6. hand held drill
7. awl
8. 120 dummy roll
9. empty spool
10. duct tape
11. SPAM can
12. hammer
13. wooden chopstick
14. window / door pile weatherstrip
15: penknife
16. translucent red plastic
17. aluminum soda can
18. sand paper
19. pipe clamp
20. eyelet
21, bobby pin hair clip
22. needle
23. elephant glue (prefer gel texture)

and follow the guide in the video:-

picture taken by cyanwater:-

picture taken by norya:-

written by norya on 2011-04-19 #gear #tutorials #diy #pinhole #120 #camera #tutorial #tipster #spamera #miun #chris-keeney #pinhole-masters-and-magic

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    One very awesome Pinhole creation!

  2. norya
    norya ·

    hahahah thanks lawypop..... but dunno why the post out of alignment. LOL

  3. norya
    norya ·

    hahahah thanks lawypop..... but dunno why the post out of alignment. LOL

  4. baijiu89
    baijiu89 ·

    i love spam! and the SPAMera

  5. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    non halal pinhole cam...:P

  6. nigelk
    nigelk ·


  7. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    great creation!

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