Taking It Outdoors: International Pillowfight Day


According to the Pillow Fight Day organizers, “any city worth living in has at least an annual pillow fight.” On April 2nd, Oktomat in hand, I discovered just how true this is!

On April 2nd I coincidentally found out that there was a massive citywide pillow fight going on in Phillips Square, in the middle of downtown Montreal. Of course, how could I deny such an incredible proposition? Particularly living in Canada, after a five month winter we’re all ready to go outdoors and have some fun. Winter is finally over, so what better than to embrace spring and the Lomography mantra “LET LOOSE” by joining in a worldwide simultaneous pillowfight?

I ran home to get a pillow and for such an occasion, I also decided to bring along my trusty Oktomat, as I was expecting lots of excitement and action to take snapshots of. I wasn’t mistaken!

Yes, my friends, it really was as fun as it looks. Imagine people by the dozens with one, sometimes even two, pillows. I saw people of all ages, races and nationalities whacking each other’s heads off with a pillow. Strangers simultaneously became friends and enemies, targets for the might of our pillows.

The square soon became a true battlefield: two sides formed, each one standing parallel to each other until someone yelled “CHARGE!”. The two mobs confronted each other with pure passion. It felt like an epic scene out of a medieval movie. It was a true one-of-a-kind celebration of Spring.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment to say “YES”. To let loose. To join in the fun. To grab a pillow and a camera and follow your instincts. The result could be one of the most legendary afternoons of your life.

More info: www.pillowfightday.com.

written by caromi on 2011-05-29 #lifestyle #oktomat #spring #outdoors #montreal #let-loose #prophecy #pillowfight

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  1. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    I see a Texas fan in number 3. As an Oklahoma fan I would have to get him good! Lol

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