Lomography Color Negative 400 (35 mm, 400 iso)


The Lomography Color Negative 400 (35 mm, 400 iso) is must try for any lomographer. If you have a Diana F+ and love landscape photography you will fall in love with it. If you love the colorsplashing technique, you will learn that your patience will be rewarded with a great balance between vivid colors and amazing clarity.

I used my first roll of Lomography CN 400 iso, 35 mm film for a special occasion. It was 1 week until the New Year’s Eve and I was running out of my Lomography X-Pro. I really liked the results with Lomography film in comparison with the ones I usually buy from my local photo lab, so I wanted to use something special for the New Year’s party that I was going to. I also wanted to try something new and chose the Lomography CN 400 iso, 35 mm film. It arrived 2 days before the big event and I was super excited !

And the New Year came. I finished the remaining roll of X-Pro film and fed my Diana F+ a fresh Lomography CN 400 iso, 35 mm roll. That night I took most of the pictures indoor, where the light was not very powerful (yellowish light from a light bulb or light coming from a laptop) so I thought that the 400 iso film was perfect for this environment. Also, I read here that Diana F+ is a sucker for 400 iso film.

That night I used my Diana with the Lomography Ringflash (without the flash adaptor, so all photos were done using the B function and “Sunny” aperture) and the Diana Fisheye Lens. When I developed the film I was not so pleased. The photos didn’t come out as expected: most of them were very unclear, noisy and not so colorful. You can see some of them below.

The main reason that they came out this way is the fact that I didn’t use my Ringflash with a flash adaptor and I didn’t concentrate so much on taking the pictures right: got pushed around while trying to hold the camera still, didn’t keep the camera still while taking pictures because I was drunk or laughing. Remember I used the B function all night holding the camera in one hand (with the shutter release pressed) and the Ringflash in the other (firing the flash manually while trying to keep the camera as still as possible). Tricky !
Here are some indoor shots that came out really cool.

The next two rolls were used either indoors (experiencing the same problems as before) or outdoors. I was really impressed with the outdoor shots. They came out great ! All of them ! Most of them were taken on bright sunny days. The colors were absolutely amazing creating a heaven-like atmosphere with bluish tones that were vivid, yet soft. Here are my favorite ones.

•Great colors on outdoor shots
•Great clarity if the camera is used correctly
•Great price

•Hard to get great results indoors if you don’t keep your camera still

So is the Lomography CN 400 iso, 35 mm film a good match for you and your camera? I say “Yes” if …
•you love landscape photography
•if you have the patience to use your camera with a manually fired flash
•if you want a really good color-clarity balance and surreal colors

All in all, the Lomography CN 400 iso, 35 mm film is a must have. It’s a bit tricky to use indoors, but if you have the patience the results will blow your mind !

written by lucretia on 2011-04-20 #gear #review #user-review #lomography-color-negative-cn-400-iso-35-mm-vivid-colors-surreal-clarity-landscape-photography-diana-f-balance

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