Punting in Cambridge, England

Cambridge is well known as the home of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge is about 80 km north east of London. The city centre of Cambridge is mostly commercial, historic buildings, and large green areas. Many of the roads in the centre are pedestrianised.

Punts were introduced as a pleasure craft in the early years of 20th century, and since then punting has become one of the most popular activities to be done along the River Cam. This is partly because the river is shallow and gravelly which makes it ideal for punting, but mainly because the Cam goes through the heart of Cambridge and passes close to many of the very attractive, old college buildings.

The River Cam is divided into three sections; The Upper, Middle and Lower.

The Lower River is used primarily to accommodate inter-college rowing competitions, not punting. The Upper and Middle tiers are reserved for regular punters and tourists, as they provide a punting route that runs behind many of the more attractive and well-known colleges such as Kings and Queens Colleges, and under bridges such as the Mathematical Bridge. This is widely regarded as the best possible experience of punting in Cambridge.

So, never ever miss out on punting when you’re in Cambridge! :)

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