My Favorite Little Airplane

Of all the airplanes I’ve flown, the CS-ASR is by far, my favorite one. This little Cessna 152 II will always have a place in my memories.

If you are ever in Cascais Municipal Aerodrome, you’ll be right next to my flight school, Gestair Flying Academy Portugal, the home of a few C152 II and Aerobat, a few C172R, one C172N, one C172S, one Pipper Supper Cub and two BE-76 airplanes.

During my flight training to get my Airline Pilot Licence I flew in most of them, but one of them got stuck in my heart. I made the most of my cross country solo flying in the Cessna 152 with the registration CS-ASR, and from it’s small cockpit I got to see amazing places from perspectives most people don’t really dream of.

The best place to take photos in Portugal, is for me at least, without a shadow of a doubt, the inside of a CS-ASR. You can get photos like this one:

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