Holga 135 BC


A little beauty that packs a lot of the punch of an LC-A+, but costs less, and adds a little softness like her older brother, Holga CFN. Read on, children. You should probably have this camera.

Credits: myloveletter

Once upon a time, I had no interest in this camera and didn’t know why anyone would necessarily, unless they might be going for a similar affect as our trusty LC-A+ and didn’t have a fat enough piggy bank yet. But then I decided I wanted to have a local art show in a gallery in St. Augustine consisting of entirely photographs taken with “toy cameras,” which sorta has to have a plastic lens. That was difficult because so many of my favorite photographs were taken with a glass lens, that little jewel stuck in my baby lomo. So… what to do? I quickly ordered a Holga 135 BC and took several rolls, trying to hurry up and fill out what I could say was taken with a plastic lens. Some examples from my first roll:

Love at first sight of my first roll!

I was ecstatic. Not only does it create the vignette, or dark corners because of the mask, it does have a little dreamy plastic-ness to it that I love and was aiming for. I didn’t get any light leaks, which I love in their place, but I wasn’t hoping for any. Someone actually commented on a picture of mine that he was thinking about getting just the 135 but not the BC because the mask is “cheating.” Well… how is that? It is still an analogue process, and haven’t most of us tried way more elaborate masks, adding designs to our lomographs?

I love the effect this camera produces, and when I am feeling what I am going for calls only for my LC-A, I am happy enough to use this instead. The softness of the plastic is subtle. It is so lightweight in your hands, you’d never guess the wonders it can create. My newest love (Well, besides this cute boy I just met and my new, most awesome jeans ever…)! Oh, sorry. As far as cameras go, especially for the price, you have to try it. I mean, I’m collecting your addresses right now and making you cause like I said, you HAVE to.

A few more from a recent roll…

Credits: myloveletter

Keep your plastic fantastic!

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Love holga 135 BC too...<:)

  2. b0rn2b1ush
    b0rn2b1ush ·

    love mine as well!

  3. i8pie2day
    i8pie2day ·

    Got my 135BC TLR and it has become my favorite camera... these truly are a cheap, awesome camera to have :D

  4. chtiman
    chtiman ·

    @i8pie2day: so do I!

  5. photomood
    photomood ·

    I have one too, but I don't get the vignetting like yours.. What film did you use? @myloveletter

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