Cheap and Friendly

For the past few years, everytime I am in Taksim, I want to go to Flavio! They have the best pizzas in town and even more, they are friendly and cheap!

The team at Flavio

Flavio has been my favorite restaurant for the past few years. They were owned independently, but had become a part of a local chain of restaurants. However, that did not change them at all!

Some instant shots from April 5th

Flavio is located towards the end of Istiklal Street, in the street where there is the Adidas fashion store. They have outdoor tables and also a few tables inside. We tend to sit inside during winter but there are massive heaters on the outside too, so that’s also an option. The menu mostly consists of Italian-inspired dishes like pastas and pizzas and they have great appetizers too! And the prices are more reasonable than most other places.

The outside

We usually go there with hubby or our friends, probably every other week! So if you ever come to Istanbul and looking for a different taste, make sure to stop by Flavio!

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