How Lomography Changed My Life Forever


It’s only been a few months since I got my first camera, yet my entire life and perpective on it has changed since then. I’m sure my story is common among us Lomographers, but it still feels like a one of a kind experience to me.

Okay, maybe the summary is a bit dramatic. I’m still the same person I was before I was introduced to the loveliness we all know as Lomography. However, I truly do see the world in a different light now. I also bring my camera everywhere. I’m always looking for new things to take pictures of and new people to share my photos with. Now let’s go back to the beginning.

It all started when I bought my iPod 4. Ironic, right? My analogue lifestyle began with the purchase of a very advanced piece of technology. But anyways, I downloaded an app called Hipstimatic. I know, I know, it’s an evil little app that lets people fake true Lomography. Regardless, I would have never been introduced to this wonderful world without it. I really liked the vintage-looking pictures, so I decided to check out how much real toy cameras cost. Luckily, I happened to have 30 bucks on hand and ordered a Holga from I was pretty intimidated by it, for I had never used film before, but when I got my first roll back from the lab, I was hooked.

But shooting 35mm on a Holga 120N gets old. I needed something more convenient. Enter my Diana Mini.

I shot roll after roll and I longed for more camera options. I ordered two more, the Superheadz Black Slim Devil (Vivitar UWS copy) and a Lomography Fisheye.

I was spending more and more time on this website, and I noticed a trend in my liking of others’ photos. The ones taken on LC-As held a special appeal to me. I started saving up for my own LC-A+, and before I knew it I had enough money and piggies to buy it. It took 7 days to travel across the country to me, and those 7 days dragged on and on. But it was worth the wait. My LC-A+ is now my most prized possession.

Lomography entered my life only a few months ago, and since then it’s changed a lot with me. I see the world a different way. I’ve made Lomography popular amongst my friends, and convinced five of them to get film cameras of their own.

So that’s my story. One of the best? I don’t think so. But I thought you guys might be interested.

Special thanks to: LSI, my girlfriend Sheila for all her support, and all the Lomographers across the globe for keeping film alive.

written by tjbeard8985 on 2011-06-07 #lifestyle #lomography-story-diana-mini-lc-a-holga-fisheye-uws-friends-love


  1. tiranapermata
    tiranapermata ·

    I also have Hipstamatic on my iTouch 4, but it didn't give the same excitement that I get from using the real Holga. Lomo on :)

  2. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    wait until it been two years and then reflect back :) I got my holga 135bc almostly exactly two years ago now and I still can't believe the impact its had on my life and how many cameras I have now - though still no LC-A...

    weirdly I only just got a phone that has camera apps and I'm really excited about it lol, i don't take it as seriously as film so its fun in a completely different way.

    Great article and photos!

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