Marvelling at Malaga in March

A last-minute shoestring getaway to the south of Spain resulting in a deliciously relaxing week in one of the most joyful, sun-drenched cities in Spain that I have been to. A beautiful city, full of culture, fine food, friendly locals and best of all – now great memories.

One of the first things I noticed upon touching down in Malaga? The beautiful smell of the orange trees. Spain is a beautiful country, always alive with sounds, smells and movement. What drew me to Malaga was the huge desire for a break from the everyday grind and a near certain probability of great weather in the South of Spain.

This was a trip on a shoestring budget, and the hostel that my travel companion and I stayed in was perfect for this. Picasso’s Corner was a lovely hostel, 12 euros a night, very clean and the friendliest staff you could ask for. The only downside was an amusingly positioned water pipe right above my friend’s bed although it was more of an upside for me, cruelly.

Once accustomed to the surroundings there are some great sights of interest in Malaga. First, we stopped off at the Alcazaba Fortress and the Castle of Gibralfaro. There are some amazing views of the city of Malaga to be had from these lofty heights but trust me, the climb to the castle is no mean feat under the midday sun, so make sure you’re prepared for a workout. Though it is most definitely worth the leg work. Not only does it have wonderful views, it also has some beautifully sculpted gardens.

If it’s culture you’re into, no trip to Malaga can be complete without a visit to the Picasso Museum. Even for those of us out there who aren’t self professed “art lovers”, this is a fascinating gallery of some truly crazy works and definitely worth a look. However, I am no fool and I know that a lot of holiday makers headed to Spain are after three things; sun, sea and sangria. Well if this is what you like, you will not be disappointed. At the time of year we visited Malaga the beach is practically deserted and the weather was glorious!

Sun and sea most definitely accounted for, so what about the sangria? My personal tip of the holiday is to befriend a barman! Not only did we attain some very strong cocktails but he was full of useful information. For example he informed us of the festival they have in the city for “Semana Santa” (that’s Easter to you and me). The Spanish love Easter, and Malaga is no exception. There is a parade and religious ceremony from the local churches, and though I was unfortunate enough to miss it this time round I will definitely make the trip again next year!

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